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Why Choose uPVC?


UV Temperature Resistance

Our profiles can withstand high temperatures of 65 °C  (for ordinary profiles) to 82 °C (for our German through and through profiles) without deflection.


Sound Insulation

Höher windows make you enjoy peace and quiet at home, shielded from noisy street. Our profiles offer noise reduction down to one-eighth of the original noise level.


Weather Protection

Höher windows exhibit an excellent impermeability towards winds, driving rain, and  withstand high temperatures; thus, our profiles can protect you in any weather conditions.


Corrosion Resistance

Höher windows can withstand corrosion and pollution especially with our profiles’ lead free formulation; unlike other materials.


Fire Retardant

Our profiles are fully self extinguishing due to its non-combustible material property.


viber image2.jpg

Superb Thermal Insulation

With its better insulation value, our profiles are able to reduce energy cost and save in your electric bill.



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